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The Option-Cart Catalog requires a web host that gives PHP 4.0 access or higher with register_globals enabled, and mySQL 3.23 or higher for the back-end database (current versions recommended), and phpMyAdmin for database uploads. (If you do not have phpMyAdmin, we can install the database for an additional fee.) You must have a web host that provides PHP and mySQL.

featuresBelow are the standard features included with every system:

  • Works as an "add on" catalog so it can used on existing site for those who just want to add an online store to their site or can be used in a brand new site.
  • Uses either you exiting design, or customize one of our free ones for a simple approach*
  • Customers can search your products and descriptions by keyword or category
  • Thumbnail images pop-up to show larger images or a separate html page for details
  • Optional Order, Search and View Cart buttons can be added to match your site's look
  • Catalog page contains page numbers with Previous/Next links for loading ease
  • Optional cart quantity and totals on your catalog page keep your customer's total within sight at all times
  • Dynamic continue shopping links mean your customers will come back to the exact page they were looking at before
  • Password-protected administration area allows instant product information updates
  • Upload images right in the administration area - no FTP needed
  • Unlimited options with attributes (ex. color, size, style) can be added for each item
  • One price-changing option with attributes (ex. X-Large is a higher price than Small, Medium or Large) can be added to each item
  • Sale, Out of Stock and Inactive status capabilities for your products
  • Categories can have subcategories, organized in the administration area
  • Unlimited categories, products and options can be added.
  • Forgot your password link emails your information incase you forget it
  • Files reside on your web site's server, so you're not dependent on other sites for your data, nor do you need to pay monthly or per-product fees
  • Five categories for each item
  • Initial page can show How to Shop page, new products or custom page
  • Optional multi-column templates (2, 3 or 4 columns to open into a "more info" setup) gives you flexibility with your designs
  • Uses html extensions (if your server supports it)
  • Customers can also search by catalog number or price for products
  • Optional advanced search page allows your customers to find specific products by keyword(s), category, and/or price range
  • Add product keywords that don't show on the catalog page, but are searchable
  • Inventory control feature gives you the ability to set and track quantities for all or some of your products and/or the first product option**
  • List items sold as "out of stock", with or without a "limited quantity" custom message, or don't show at all
  • Easily view your product sales so you can keep track of your bestselling items
  • Item lists in administration area allow you to view items by a particular category or keyword
  • Set categories, items or options to be inactive so they don't display
  • Set descriptions for each of your categories
  • Unique meta tag keywords and descriptions for each category make your catalog page search engine compatible
  • Optional "email to a friend" script lets your customers send friends product information for purchase at a later time
  • List of up to 5 related items for each product gives you more selling power
  • Set any item or option as a "default" to make adding new products easier
  • Password protected wholesale area allows qualified vendors to purchase items at their specific wholesale discount
  • Integrates seamlessly with the standard Mals-E shopping cart for a database-driven system.
  • Fully customizable

* Only HTML templates can be integrated.

** Inventory control requires payment systems that use the Mals-E remote call feature. Therefore inventory< control will not be automated on any web site that uses third party payment systems that do not utilize this feature, which include but are not limited to LinkPoint, Mirapay, Netbanx, Nochex, PayByCheck and PSIGate. A list of these systems can be found at http://www.mals-e.com/processors.php


PHP 4.0 or higher, mySQL 3.23 or higher and phpMyAdmin.

We will need temporary access to your site for installation. We will contact you once we receive your order to get the following info:
     Temporary FTP access
     Control panel access

Occasionally, hosts have special PHP or mySQL setups, including PHP run as CGI and PHP setups that do not use the standard configuration, and therefore may require additional catalog modifications that are not included in the setup costs. If your web host's server does not have standard PHP configurations or requires special modifications, we will contact you with the proposed costs before the modifications are made.

Your catalog page must contain only HTML code if you wish us to integrate your site design into your catalog. If your catalog includes SSI, CGI or other scripting components, there may be an additional charge to integrate your catalog template. Frame sites or sites with FrontPage components sometimes need additional integration work as well. If your catalog does have components that cannot be easily integrated without additional work, we will use one of our free templates and give you instructions on how to integrate your design, or we can assist you with your catalog integration for an additional cost.

If you have any questions as to whether your host has the necessary requirements for OptionCart, please send an email to your host with the above needs.





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